Friday, May 29, 2009

Mission Statement

From a gods eye point of view it seems a little off base and a tad pretentious to conceive of something beyond all that we know but I must admit my idleness always brings me back to one question; who/what flicked the booger that is this universe and which wall will we stick to? This analogy has become quite apt to describe that which has become my understanding of where our “modern” minds squeeze into the merry-go-round of consciousness through daily meditative traffic study time (i.e. books on tape) w/ open ears and a blank mind filled with scholars and dogmatists alike.

Disclaimer: This is not a place for authorities unless these authorities are like us, people who like icky sticky quicksand conversations and walk on water assassinations.

Many “great” minds have spoken to this abyss and here I will discuss a few. Emmanuel Kant, a fellow victim of the”brain washing”, spoke of “the two things that fill him with an every increasing wonder and awe; the starry heavens above and the moral law within”. Although sometimes we take it for granted, the fact that we are even inspired at all by that which is beyond definitely fills me with hot air and sends me aloft. For reverse instance, my cat Battlecat, from here on out referred to as Cali much to the dismay of her early childhood step parents, looks up at the moon only to unconsciously scowl at the fact that the shedding of the reflected light upon her only further impedes her increasingly fat progress to one day bring home a June bug for us to feast upon in celebration of her catdom/ felinanity. In sum, what do we unconsciously scowl at? As hard as it is for her to conceive of our cellular existence riding a booger of a universe, it is similarly difficult for me to conceive of the contrary although there are those people out there. The fashionable question, the one probably more interesting and just as easily elaboratable as that which follows, is “Which one is progress?”. Although this could lead to thorough insights into my human condition and what it means for existence I elect surely the non-sense approach. The more interesting, ostensibly anachronistic and static modern foundational non-question is why is this part of my mental program and why do I spend everyday convincing myself it is not? Yes, one of the great scholastic scholars, maybe but probably not Thomas Aquinus or St Augustine, once got at this by arguing that even the existence of the concept of “that than which nothing greater can be conceived” proves the existence of itself via ideals of perfection. For example, say I conceptualize that something is good by comparing it to the ideal instance of that thing. The perfect thing exists and gives us our understanding of instances of that thing but it is nowhere yet it still exists. This leads our minds to believe that nowhere must be somewhere, thus our minds themselves. To exhume another fun paradox we must understand that which understands. One example often given when exploring these issues looks at geometrical proofs that solve real aesthetic problems for me daily, but are still very much intangible. Put another way, I have a hurricane force wind trapped in a jar on my desk. A “great” Rabbi once said God is an earthquake but in my world he is more like a hurricane. I will open up a jar of it if you doubt me. (Insert thumbs up image here….) Yes, so I am using this general use defibulator to partially reanimate Plato and his ideal forms using a preconditioned and unapologetic modern mind that is slowly unraveling after a life time of reeling it in. With a mind in bondage to a history melted down, alloyed and set in an eternally dimensional obelisk engineered to stab the form of our empire of consciousness in the heart so it drips the blood of the truth on our noses, let us melt it back down, drink its alloys, one by nauseating one, and never rebuild.